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Cryleee by ~ritsup
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Kyle yawned as he watched the barista put his coffee together, he was going to need a extra caffine boost if he was going to get the studying in that he planned pn covering tonight. He was already starting to miss summer, not that he got much out of his break. It was just nice not having to stress about his grades for once.  “Thank you.” He muttered softly as he took his coffee,  walking towards the condiment table, bumping into another persons arm. “I’m sorry.” He said looking over at the other person, before his tired face shared a smile. “Oh, hey!” He greeted

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「SBF」by ヨネダ
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so i tried a new color palette today
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Kyle lying on the couch and being adorably cute. 
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Ooc: does anyone wanna rp?

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I love Cartman so much!<3